Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Why do I need an Excel training
    A. Most of the people learn Ms Excel by themselves excel through trial and error. A structured training helps professionals explore discover excel tools that help increase efficiency. Do more in less time

    Q. Isn’t Excel training only meant for Finance Professionals?
    A. When you hear “Microsoft Excel,” you may automatically think of number-crunching careers like accounting or finance. While use of Microsoft Excel Finance might be prevalent in finance, Microsoft Estimates that 96% of people in offices use Excel in one way or another. Our training is customized to meet the needs of different participants from diverse fields.

    Q. Why Excel yet we have an ERP?
    A. Ms Excel is not meant to compete with ERPs. A good grasp of Excel helps us use Excel to analyze data obtained from ERPs and organize it into meaningful reports.

    Q. Why NITA registration?
    A. The Industrial Training Act, CAP 237 of the Laws of Kenya requires that each employer pays training levy for her employees. Training with NITA registered service providers, allows the employers get for reimbursement for fees paid.


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